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What is a paradigm?

A paradigm is a way of way of looking at the world. Here at New Paradigm Consulting we help organisations look at the world differently so that they can operate in the world differently. Otherwise, as the old saying goes, "If you do more of what you've always done, you'll get more of what you've always got."

What is New Paradigm Consulting?

New Paradigm Consulting is both a consultancy practice and an approach to consulting. We use the latest complexity-based approaches to organisational and cultural issues together with a solid grounding in traditional methods. We offer a variety of creative approaches designed to engage both head and heart. Because of the flexibility of our own organisation we can put together a team which is tailored to your needs and can offer the best value for money. We call ourselves New Paradigm Consulting because we help organisations to find new and more effective paradigms and also because we work in ways which are significantly different from traditional 'old paradigm' consultants.

Paradigms are created as a result of all the interactions between people in an organisation. Indeed, it is the paradigm which lies at the heart of organisational culture. So to change a paradigm (and hence, the organisational culture) you need to pay attention to all the relationships within the organisation. It is in this area that organisation consultancy can offer specific support and help; whether by facilitating change events, offering new ways of planning and developing organisational purpose, or by helping to design programmes which address the key change issues in the organisation.

Our way is not for everyone - but for those wishing to break out of their present mould and willing to try something different we offer exciting, innovative and well-grounded approaches to organisation consulting.

"If anyone mentions the phrase 'new paradigm' in your hearing, run for cover." Kenneth Galbraith.

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Last modified: 12th January 2008
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