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New Paradigm Consulting is a virtual organisation - very much in keeping with the new paradigm - able to assemble a team of consultants of the appropriate size and experience for any assignment. We have experience in organisation change & development, culture change and cultural inquiry, strategic & business planning, management & team development, human resources, and finance & systems.

We have developed approaches to working with organisations which are based on new ways of thinking about organisations; approaches derived from modern thinking about complex and living systems

Between us we have worked in business (including industrials, retail, financial services),  public service (including local government, health, public institutions), the media, and a range of not-for-profits. The virtual nature of New Paradigm enables us to be flexible, responsive and adaptable. It also keeps our overheads down and means that our fees can be less than those charged by some other practices!

A virtual organisation can be thought of as a series of overlapping networks (technically, these are usually star networks - focused around particular individuals) who share some common goals. Groups may 'crystallise out' of the networks for a particular task or purpose and then 'dissolve' again when that is completed.

For more information on different approaches to virtual organisations see Virtual & Flexible Organisations edited by Richard Seel & Tom Macnamara, available from AMED.

The principal of New Paradigm is Richard Seel. Other 'nodes in the network' include Bob Janes, Rita McGee, Rachel Bodle, Alistair Moffatt, Ventura Sawyerr and Kathy Tyler. Between us we have extensive experience in organisation change and development, human resources, strategic & business planning, finance and financial services in a range of organisations from large multi-nationals to small charities and from retail firms to public sector bodies.


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Last modified: 12th January 2008
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