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Bob Janes is the Director of Webster & Janes. His extensive business experience in finance, strategic planning and change management gives him unusual insights into the way organisations function ~ and why they sometimes don't. His approach is usually effective, though not always orthodox. Working with him you gain a new insight into your organisation and what makes it tick.

Bob is a consultant with broad and deep understanding of organisations from inside and out that he uses to help people in organisations understand and resolve their issues. He is an effective coach, a charismatic and enjoyable trainer and an intelligent adviser who brings his thirst for knowledge and exceptional insight to all of his clients.

In his career Bob has worn many organisational hats, from quality engineer to finance director and has worked with many different organisations. This enables him to work effectively across organisational boundaries and at all levels from board level in multi-nationals to start-up consultancies. In the last ten years, he has led two successful business change programmes, and studied extensively in psychology, personal and organisational development. He recently completed his Masters in Organisational Consulting at Ashridge Management College.

His current interest is in how information flows (or doesn’t flow) in organisations and the effect this has on the ability of the organisation to perform and develop. His high level approach brings together the issues of strategy, process and people in a way that allows useful interventions to be targeted, designed and implemented.

 Bob was recently asked to describe himself. After a long pause, this is what appeared:

Real? Who Me?

Fiftyish, newly single, hooked on computers and books, gradually finding a singing voice after a few years of lessons, re-learning how to cook, likes to think about travel holidays, good food, gardening but rarely does anything practical about them.

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!

“Thought provoking ~ looking incredibly healthy ~ clear, sequential, structured information ~ voice is wonderfully resonant ~ very active ~ confidante ~ very kind ~ warm caring human being who can create relationships from which others grow and whose own reflective stance helps them ~ original, congruent, playful, open, generous, curious, bridge-building ~ extremely knowledgeable … skilful facilitator ~ highly knowledgeable charismatic presenter ~ very professional ~ helpful ~ very persuasive ~ highly enjoyable ~ approachable ~ relaxed ~ a good lover ~ brave ~ your ability to think in this way is exceptional ~ supportive ~ a lovely man ~ welcoming ~ creative and caring ~ very insightful ~ exceptionally skilled ~ polymath ~ you’ve given my life so much ~ comfortable and relaxed ~ well organised ~ honest and spontaneous ~ stimulating and enthusiastic ~ fancyable ~ very well regarded by those he coaches and works with ~ leads through respect and knowledge ~ has a broad and deep box of learning, which he deploys very effectively ~ value his analysis and problem solving ability, keen intelligence ~ wish to get to the heart of the issue ~ supportive and challenging ~ facilitates to stretch co-consultants and clients beyond what they might believe they can achieve ~ magic.”

Basically just a chameleon in disguise!

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Last modified: 12th January 2008
meleon in disguise!

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Send mail to richard@new-paradigm.co.uk   with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 12th January 2008