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Facilitation is the key skill for the new paradigm consultant (and for many old paradigm ones as well!)

The first place to go for facilitation resources is the International Association of Facilitators' site. They have a library of 7000 articles and also the proceedings of the last few years' IAF conferences.

The group facilitation list (GRP-FACL) is my favourite list. The people are always helpful, nearly always courteous (more so than any other list) and the discussions are intelligent and informative. I have often asked for help with a workshop or exercise and have always had a brilliant range of suggestions back. People are really willing to share their knowledge and expertise. You can subscribe by e-mail. Another e-mail and web resource is the Master Facilitator Journal, which can be subscribed to and which is building a small library of resources.

Other resources include the Facilitation Factory, Ned Ruete's facilitation 101 and the FAQ of the GRP-FACL list.

Critical Incidents, edited by Sandor Schuman (who runs the GRP-FACL list) contains a number of illustrations from facilitators (including Richard Seel) of actual issues which faced them and their approach and learning from the outcomes.

Jim Rough's Dynamic Facilitation is a slightly different approach, designed to be more effective in self-organising change. His Dynamic Facilitation and the Magic of Self-Organizing Change gives an introduction to the approach.

The book on facilitation which I enjoyed most is Facilitation: Providing Opportunities for Learning by Trevor J. Bentley, McGraw-Hill, 1995. It is written as a narrative account of a residential facilitation training workshop and explores different course members' changing attitudes to facilitation and in so doing unfolds the delicate nature of the art in subtle and powerful ways.

Two other 'key' works are The Skilled Facilitator: Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups by Roger Schwarz, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1994 and The Complete Facilitator's Handbook by John Heron, London: Kogan Page, 1999.

Dialogue, invented by David Bohm can be explored through some of the rich links on the UIA website.

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Dialogue, invented by David Bohm can be explored through some of the rich links on the UIA website.

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