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Storytelling in Organisations

Storytelling has gained increasing importance in explorations of organisational life. There is a growing recognition that organisations create and sustain themselves as a result of the stories we tell one another. Hence a growing emphasis among consultants and organisation specialists on the importance of telling stories and having good conversations.

A good starting point for storytelling is Barry McWilliams' Art of Story Telling page. He has lots of links and is also part of the story telling ring - a group of linked sites on story telling. The Story Telling FAQ is also a useful resource.

Steve Denning's site has a lot of good links as well as information and excerpts from his very useful book The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action is Knowledge-Era Organizations.

David Boje's Storytelling Organization Game offers an unusual way into a wealth of postmodern perspectives on storytelling in organisations.

The Storytelling in Business e-mail list offers thoughts, insights and experiences with story telling.

Storytelling: Passport to the 21st Century site offers thoughts on storytelling from John Seely Brown, Steve Denning, Catalina Groh and Larry Prusak.

Another approach to storytelling is MIT's 'learning history' approach. They also develop narrative approaches to organisational change.

Mary Boyce's Organizational Story and Storytelling: A Critical Review appeared in the Journal of Organizational Change Management in 1996 and offers a critical review with a distinct anthropological emphasis.

For a repository of stories, visit metaphor.org.uk. You can add your own if you wish.

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