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Welcome to New Paradigm Organisation Consulting.

We offer businesses and organisations help with change,development and strategy. Our web site has four main aims:

bulletTo give information about Richard Seel & New Paradigm Consulting:

An organisation is a pattern of relationships. In particular, stories and conversations are the heart and soul of organisational life. The stories people tell reveal and shape their commitment to the organisation and their sense of what is possible. The quality of the everyday conversations and negotiations they have with each other and with customers will determine the quality of service and the effectiveness of the operation. Yet in many organisations the stories are negative and the conversations are blocked or fall into destructive loops.

We recognise that change cannot be imposed or controlled from the top or from the outside. Instead we work with people from all levels in the organisation to help them tell new, positive stories about what is possible and what can be done better. We help facilitate new kinds of conversation, often across boundaries within the organisation.

Whether we are working with executives on strategy or scenario planning, with teams on their development, or with the whole organisation on cultural change we focus on those interactions which lie at the core of the organisation. Systems, structures and processes all help the effective organisation but they count for little if the personal relationships are not right.

bulletTo offer an insight into the things we do including:

Culture Change, Organisation Development, Strategic &  Business Planning, Team Development, Management Development and Facilitation.

bulletTo offer some articles on organisations and change

Featured: Introduction to Appreciative Inquirya simple guide to the principles and practice of Appreciative Inquiry.

bulletTo provide resources and links relating to some topics which interest us, including:

Appreciative Inquiry,  Collaborative Inquiry, Conversations CultureComplexityParadigmsMemes,   FacilitationStories.

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